Wellness Homeopathic Skin Care: Anti-Aging

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Our Anti-Aging Advanced Clinical Skin Care Division, specializes in the use of State of the Art Technology, and the utilization of Ancient Homeopathic Herbology Cures along with over 30 years of world renowned experience in the Advanced Clinical Skin Care field.  This program brings together Eastern and Western philosophies for the successful management of Anti-Aging.

Anti-Aging Program Highlights

Inner and Outer Anti-Aging Therapies

Our anti-aging state of the art skin therapies are accompanied by a group of functional assessments in order to internally treat the cause of premature aging. Upon your arrival to our center, you will receive a Rejuvenation / Functional Health Screening, Hormone Assessment, Pathogenic Levels Assessment, Stress and Toxin Level Assessment. These assessments will help us pinpoint the cause of your condition and the level of customized treatment needed internally and externally.  Once the interpretation of your evaluation is complete, a customized treatment plan will be put together for your special needs.


A sequence of visits is needed for optimum results; we have membership packages and series discounts that will assist you.

Products Selected for your Treatment

  • We are not married to any one product line, we will select and/or compound an organic botanical or homeopathic elixirs freshly prepared by our wellness expert.
  • Skin Care and Make Up, can be highly toxic for the skin since they contain Synthetic Alcohol, Synthetic Fragrances, Foam Boosters, Thickeners, Petroleum Products, Filler Ingredients, Mineral Oils, and Parabens. (Refer to “Educating Our Clients on Dangerous and Harmful Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients”).
  • The botanical ingredients contained within our products are hand-picked by our Master Chemist for quality and freshness and then extracted in-house using a traditional method to preserve the medicinal and therapeutic benefit.  Our Formulation Team has over 40 years of experience in Organic Chemistry.  All Natural is our fresh new approach to Acne Therapeutic Skincare, employing traditional and exotic ingredients in their purest form.
  • We feel that the source of each ingredient is as important as the ingredient itself.  Many of our ingredients are Certified Organic or are grown under organic conditions without the use of preservatives or growth enhancers.  Our products do not contain animal derived ingredients and are Vegan friendly.

The Results of Your Anti-Aging Treatment & How long

These treatments have a cumulative effect, you must complete your series at the recommended sequence. Your maintenance follow up visits should be kept to maintain your results.

Anti-Aging Patient Assessment & Evaluations Available
Nava Med Wellness Complete Assessment $150.00
Anti-Aging & Functional Assessment & Interpretation $ 90.00
Toxin Level Screening & Consult & Interpretation from $ 90.00
Hormone Assessment From $90.00
Pathogenic Levels Assessment From $90.00
Stress Levels Assessment From $90.00
Ph Testing $ 35.00
Computerized Skin Scanning & Imagery (30 minutes) $ 90.00
Medical Screening from $ 90.00
H&P History Physical & Interpretation $ 175.00
Chemical Blood Profiles Call for Pricing
Bacterial Call for Pricing
Vitamin Profile Call for Pricing
Anti-Aging Nutritional; Planning
Meal Planning $ 100.00
Nutritional Coaching Call for Pricing
Grocery Shopping Call for Pricing

Services Menu:

A la Carte Nava Signature Facials (Total Face Neck and Decollete Restorative and Reference. We Guarantee 10 years off)
NovaPelle Skin Renewal & Restorative 75/90/120  $139.00 / $160.00 / $190.00
Gourmet a la Carte Nava Signature Facial 75/90/120  $139.00 / $160.00 / $190.00
Anti-Aging Skin State of the Art Facials (Treating the 5 stages of aging) 
NovaPelle Skin Renewal & Restorative 75/90/120  $139.00 / $160.00 / $190.00
Skin Permeation Comp. 60/90  $175.00 / $209.00
Comp. Hydra Facial 60/90  $175.00 / $209.00
Microdermabrasion 60 $150
Radiofrequency 60 $150
Microcurrent Lifting 60 $150
Ultrasound 60 $150